Dollar (Hightimber’s Dollar)

Born 30th May 2011

Hovawart Bitch Black and Gold, Breed by Maggie from Grace and ISA. Maggie’s first litter of Hovawart’s. She is working C only in Obedience

Echo (Kanokalous Harmony at Hightimber’s)

Born 13th March 2015

Hovawart Black and Gold Bitch DJs Daughter.

Dollars Niece

Cello (Pines Flash in the Pan at Hightimber’s)

Born 2016

Hovawart Black and Gold Bitch

Now started working in Obedience.

Razzle (Razzle Dazzle at Hightimber’s)

Born 2013

Aussie Collie Cross, Breed for working

In Obedience.

Hector (Debucher Jester at Hightimber’s)

Born 4th January 2010

PBGV Dog. The Joker in the pack. He loves to run with Maisie and Looby Lou.

Maisie (Fregayner Dosals Adored)

Born 2014

PBGV Bitch. Bold as brass.

Looby Lou (Hightimber’s Looby Lou)

Born 23rd November 2018

PBGV Bitch. Maisie’s Daughter.

Harris (Duxfortis Harris at Hightimbers)

Born 5th July 2019

Hovawart Black and Gold

Dotty (Hightimbers)

Born 26th April 2021

PBGV Bitch Maisie’s Daughter Looby’s Sister