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Hello all Hovawart owners.

 I have Been asked to write the news letter for the Hovawart Club of Great Britain,

 for our members.

So I need your help,

 I need to know what are you doing with your Hovawart's. Where do you go on holiday with them.  Where do you walk them, do they swim do they mix with lots of other dogs/breeds. Send me photos being cute, out running, swimming, with others, in the rain, snow, asleep.  Anything your Hovawart is doing, training classes, or training in the garden.   We need all the information we can get to what you do with you Hovawart. Short story's, funny story's, sad story's Any Health issues you can share with everyone. I want to make this your news letter but to do that I need you to tell me what you are doing with your dogs.

E mail them to me maggie@hightimbers.co.uk